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a path of awakening to divine authenticity:
feminine nurturing & intuition
embodied yoga & somatics,  
non-dual classical tantra 

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somatics and embodied yoga meet non-dual tantra, sacred sound & feminine frequency 

The artful combination of somatics and free movement with embodied yoga sequences and non-dual tantric philosophy. These are teachings beyond the postural yoga class; into the realms of embodied awakening, feminine qualities such as intuition, softening, flow - To (re-)learn an embodied state of Being

Mantras, kirtan and overall voice and sound are key element of our inquiry of Self and the non-dual traditions we practice

Studio Classes & Workshops


Private Classes

Online Classes

shapeshifting retreats:
embody thyself

Take a deep-dive into feminine frequency, embodied yoga & somatics teachings, awareness cultivation and nurturing, devotional practices, and sacred sound activation

become part of the collective.

you already are

joining my nourishing retreats in the most beautiful places around the world. 


goddess gatherings & embodied female

Soulful offerings for women from women, to re-kindle female qualities of sensuality, intuition, slowness, fluidity and a powerfully balancing force

Embodiment practices for shakti awakening, for meeting Egyptian and Hindu goddesses 


"Goddess Gatherings" are a safe space where women and female-socialised humans can (re-) discover, awaken and embrace the female energy we hold; where we can be heard, held and seen with the input and space to breathe life back into our powers

At every level of consciousness, the masculine and the feminine, Shiva and Shakti, steadiness and dynamism, awareness and bliss, stability and transformation, being and becoming, complete and complement each other.

Sally Kempton, "Awakening Shakti"

meet isabella

I'm a mystic, dreamer and creatrix beating at the rhythm of my own drum since I can think. My 35 years have been spent living as a global citizen, absorbing cultures, people and places and learning compassion, nurturing and intuition as core values of humanity.

Movement practice, philosophy and spirituality has been part of my life and my daily practice for over 14 years. Deepening my practice to a more soft and embracing understanding of embodiment, non-dual classical tantra, the divine, vibrant feminine and mystic ritual finally led my path to teaching  the art of embodied yoga, somatics and feminine frequency practices - as a way to trust my intuition, trust being over doing and live in full depth of this beautiful world

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