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The Premium GUUZMIND yoga mat


This mat is the Guuzmind favourite -  made from carefully selected earth-friendly and non-toxic materials. It has a super soft suede coating for your meditation and shavasana and provides a perfect grip once you start your yoga flow.


It comes with a cotton carrier strap which is an expression of the beauty that lies in simplicity. This strap that makes you commute in style without the need for an additional yoga bag. 


How to use & keep clean:

For immediate and ultimate grip, wash your hands before practice or spray the mat with our favorite mat spray.

The mat absorbes sweat and cleans easily, so no additional towel is needed. An occasional deep cleaning is possible in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Not suitable to put in the tumble dryer! Simply let it air dry and it will do the trick. 

Premium Yoga Mat

CHF 109.00Price

    Thickness: 3.5 mm

    Length: 183 cm

    Width: 61 cm

    Weight: 2 kg

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