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The Guuzmind Yoga Mat Towel


The glamorous GUUZMIND yoga towels are highly sweat absorbant and super dry and come in wonderful designs. The towel folds completely, matches a yoga mat size exactly and is extra lightweight. It is ideal to take to the studio, for hot yoga or for SUP yoga on your favorite lake or ocean! 


As with all of our products, our towels are made out of recycled PET, earth-friendly materials and do not contain any toxic materials. 


How to use & keep clean:

The towel is machine-washable. Avoid puting in the tumble dryer to maintain quality and look. Simply let it air dry and it will do the trick. 

Yoga Towel

CHF 49.00Price

    • Length: 183 cm
    • Width: 61 cm



    Earth-friendly suede microfiber from recycled PET

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