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"Rituals for Daily Magic" day retreats: intuition, nurture, compassion

3 separate days: magnify sacred tools to mend the fractures with the natural & subtle worlds. Jun 2, Jul 7, Aug 10

A warm invitation to take 1 2 or 3 days to tend to your embodied presence, step into the collective, and to come into resonance with the subtle undertones of our intuition.

The Daily Rituals of Magic day retreat series offers a sacred space to yield into the mystery of our body and breath and a transformative journey where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the mundane becomes magical.

Over the course of three separate immersive days, we'll co-create and facilitate sacred practices rooted in non-dual spiritual, philosophical, and somatic wisdom. Each day offers an immersion into one of three sacred virtues and embodiment:

intuition. - nurture. - compassion.

This resonant trinity invites you to find edges of your truth, to meet the vastness of the collective body and to thin the veil to others and the cosmos.

Jun 2, July 7, Aug 10 (TBD) 2024, Silent Power Retreat House & other

“Poetry orients us to our human experience more effectively than anything else. To deeper dimensions of our own experience. “ - hareesh

arrival by 9.00

limited spots

lunch & Snacks included

all Levels are welcome

2-3 movement practices

1 breathwork session

departure approx. 16.00

a celebration of daily rituals of magic(k)

embodied yoga

somatics & free movement


non-dual philosophy

awareness cultivation & energy circling

ecstatic dance

collective & nature immersions

seasonal, local food

sound circles

kirtan & mantra

embodied movement, somatics, sound

Isabella will guide you through various embodied yoga and other somatic movement practices, intended to get you out of your own way and into the rivering of your own free movement and consciousness. Her offerings are artful creations weaving in sacred sound and non-dual tantric teachings. They are available for everyone, and are facilitated based on compassionate cues and on her own authentic experience of what is shared.


Conscious Connected Breathwork teaches our sympathetic nervous system in the brain to switch off its fight or flight response and activate the rest and digest parasympathetic nervous system instead. Breathing in the circular breathing technique to an artfully crafted soundscape can bring on deep relaxation or a blissful ecstasy, unblock old stagnant trapped energy, bring emotions to the surface and may invoke profound experiences of healing.