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Embodied Mystery Retreat II: tapestry of connectivity

April 2024: Cultivating pathways of connectivity - From the map to the terrain of the body

Tapestry of the body: our intrinsic architecture

This 5-day retreat delves into the somatic Pathways of Connectivity, the 3rd Principle of Embodied Flow. In a playful, and hopefully safe space we co-create, we practice yoga, embodiment, sound & song, breath and free movement; all with the intent to traverse the portals of the ever-unfolding and unifying passageways of our body.

This principle takes us into the exquisite currents of inner streaming and weight distribution of organs, systems and structures of our physical body. Guided by the powerful wisdom of the feminine, we commit to the dance between inner and outer movement, and the soft, juicy and deeply available support systems of our organs - thereby gracefully aligning ourselves with the intrinsic architecture of our bodies.

You can expect the whole spectrum of soothing, confronting and integrative movement and breath work, all centered around Somatic Yoga Flows, Embodied Yin and Non-Dual Tantric Philosophy and Sound. Our aim is to simply honor and cultivate our authentic embodied nature, celebrating the magic of movement, sound and femininity.

This retreat offers an indulging in soul-stirring practices, immersive workshops, and nurturing sessions as we traverse the gentle yet profound landscapes of self-discovery. With the support of and experienced facilitator - yours truly - you can embrace a journey of self-exploration and surrender to the transformative power of embodied presence.

April 27 - May 1, 2024 - Swiss Alpes

"It is the human condition to search, not knowing exactly what it is we seek, yet somehow sensing something hidden in our hearts. This mysterious balance of “knowing” and “not-knowing” drives us to take steps into the unknown. - Linda Hartley

Arrival: Saturday morning

4 nights / 5 days

2 meals, all sessions, cake, coffee & tea included

max 17 participants

intimate women collectiv

local & regional food & sustainable living

Departure Wednesday noon

inhabiting the mysterious in the collective..

Embodied Yoga


Shake The Dust

Embodied Yin

Free Movement

Goddess Invocations

Kirtan & Mantra

Non-dual teachings

Awareness Cultivation

Embodied Yoga & Somatics

Somatic yoga is the fusion of the teachings of embodiment schools of Bonnie B. Cohen, AuthenticFlow & Embodied Flow with Bhakti and Vinyasa / Yin Yoga - so a practice laced with gateways to BEING, for being in coherence with mind and body and to move more graceful, present, compassionate and integrated on & off the mat.

Holy Trinity: Breath, Mantra, Meditation

The somatics teachings merge lovingly with the philosophy and beliefs of non-dual tantra. The Holy Trinity is a sadhana practice using ancient traditions of breathwork, mantra recitation and sitting with what is in meditation. We learn and practice the Holy Trinity before our daily movement practice, using breath patterns and gateways to enter the meditative space, anchor to the elements that make us and tap into the cosmic consciousness to reemerge more present, softened and closer to an awakened state.


Conscious Connected Breathwork teaches our sympathetic nervous system in the brain to switch off its fight or flight response and activate the rest and digest parasympathetic nervous system instead. Breathwork can lead to profound experiences of healing. Breathing in the circular breathing technique to a soundscape can bring on deep relaxation or a blissful ecstasy, unblock old stagnant trapped energy, bring emotions to the surface and leave you feeling grateful, loved or at peace. 

Your Breathwork Host: Daniela

The Breathwork sessions will be facilitated by Daniela. She has been practicing yoga for a long time before diving into different modalities such as meditation, somatics and sound healing but breathwork was the big one for her so she is very happy to pass it on to people holding space for them to experience deep healing.