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Embodied Mystery Retreat III: yielding into resonance

May 2025: Relearning the effortless meeting and being met of moving through the world

Details on this retreat are coming SOON! stay tuned - but if you already know the magick of the Embodied Mystery retreats I suggest you sign up anyway right now ;)

May 25 - June 1, 2025 - Fuerteventura

"The practice of nonjudgmental, agenda-less presence is the foundation for safety and co-regulation.”

Bonnie Burdoch

Coming soon

Softening practices to yield into earth, air, space & self


Shake The Dust

Embodied Yin Yoga

Fire Ceremony

Womb Clearing

Embodied Yoga & Somatics

Somatic yoga is the fusion of the teachings of embodiment schools of Bonnie B. Cohen, AuthenticFlow & Embodied Flow with Bhakti and Vinyasa / Yin Yoga - so a practice laced with gateways to BEING, for being in coherence with mind and body and to move more graceful, present, compassionate and integrated on & off the mat.

Holy Trinity: Breath, Mantra, Meditation

The somatics teachings merge lovingly with the philosophy and beliefs of non-dual tantra. The Holy Trinity is the sadhana practice of the AuthenticFlow tribe, using ancient traditions of breathwork, mantra recitation and sitting with what is in meditation. We will learn and practice the Holy Trinity in the early morning before we move, using breathing patterns and gateways to enter the meditative space, anchor to the elements that make us and tap into the cosmic consciousness to reemerge more present, softened and closer to an awakened state.

Where the magic happens...

Hotel Hélène Holidays & Retreats is a stunning boutique hotel right at the coast in Fuerteventura, not far but far enough from Corralejo. The previously private house has been lovingly converted into a small but luxurious sanctuary, with clear and clean spaces, a soothing pool and lots of privacy. It is nestled into the rough wilderness of Fuerteventura and is located well for both full isolation and to explore the island in your off-time.