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My offering

Somatics, Embodied Yoga, Sound and Feminine Awakening


Soma - direct perception and experiencing of the living body

The practice of embodied movement, mind-body awareness and direct experiencing, expansion of consciousness and cellular aliveness and holistic presence through breath, rest and movement


AuthenticFlow - Sacred Movement

Embodied Yoga - Somatics

The artful combination of Somatics - the practice of embodied movement, mind-body awareness and direct experiencing, expansion of consciousness and cellular aliveness and holistic presence through breath, rest and movement with functional vinyasa flows and non-dual tantric philosophy. A teaching beyond a postural yoga class into realms of awakening Shakti - our creative, authentic Self, build around the 5 “Embodied Flow” Principles to dive into the Beingness. 

All my classes are driven by the five principles of EmbodiedFlow and the somatic approach of AuthenticFlow. These sessions merge movement patterns from. The practice honors the transitions, focusing on a graceful and integrated transformation from one pose to the next. 

Every single class is unique and a result of my own creativity. They are built around functional anatomy and come with energetic and embodied cues embracing the uniqueness of each human body. In person I offer hands-on assistance which guide the student to an integrated and deeper experience.


Non-Dual Tantra

Awakening to the truth

At its core, Non-dual Shaiva Tantra explores the concept of Advaita, emphasizing the oneness of the individual with the universal consciousness. This tradition embraces the dynamic and pulsating nature of the cosmos, celebrating the divine energy that permeates all creation. It offers a holistic approach to spiritual growth and an understanding of the non-dual nature of reality and the ultimate union with the divine.


Voice, Sound & Mantra

The whole cosmos is in a single sound

Embodying sound - the magic and mystery of the Sanskrit language comes through and into us when we dedicate ourselves to the voice. Mantra recitation and chanting are an ancient tradition, allowing us to open long-forgotten gateways to awakening.


Embodied Yin 

The in-between space

Embodied Yin celebrates and cultivates madhya, the movement in stillness and stillness in movement. It invites us to explore our multidimensional capacities for healing by listening and sensing with the whole body-mind. It increases awareness 

of our mind-body connection in each dimension and through different somatic approaches, intuitive movement, classical non-dual Tantra, Chinese medicine and Yin yoga, opens up space by helping to release limitations. In Yin Yoga I offer gentle (sometimes more dynamic) long held postures. The poses stimulate energy flow in meridians, energy channels, and restore, rewire and replenish our nervous system. They support deeper flexibility and the production of synovial fluid in our joints.


Shake The Dust

"the body is the pathway into discovering the source of resistance and healing it" Linda Hartley

Shake the Dust is a movement practice aimed at (re-)cultivating pathways of our body-mind-heart that allow for more ease, freedom and healing.


It is designed to shine light on our resistance to change, to growth, to resisting resistance; and learn to take it with us, shine light on the layers beneath resistance and find, resolve or integrate what is hindering our most free and joyful existence.

In Shake the Dust we combine high intensity movement, repetition, free flow, pilates containers and yoga asana flows and shapes wrapped by and guided by soundscapes, stillness and breath. All with the objective of freeing the pathways for flow, discovery and expression. 


It’s a sometimes sweaty, sometimes gentle, holistic way to get to know our body as the pathway and answer, to embrace the unknown and get out of your own way. 


Originator of Shake The Dust is Satu Tuomela - AuthenticFlow Founder

Pregnant Art

Embodied Mama

Coming Soon

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